The Best Skiing Destinations for Families with Kids

Written: editor | April 27, 2023


Aspen, Colorado

Looking for the perfect skiing destination for your family? Look no further than Aspen, Colorado! With its stunning views, world-class ski resorts, and a plethora of family-friendly activities, Aspen offers an unforgettable winter vacation experience for everyone.

Family-friendly ski resorts in Aspen

Aspen has a range of ski resorts that cater specifically to families. One such resort is Buttermilk Mountain, which is known for its gentle slopes and dedicated learning areas for kids. The resort offers ski lessons for children as young as three years old, ensuring that even the littlest skiers can join in the fun.

Another popular option for families is Snowmass Mountain. With its wide range of terrain options and a dedicated children's ski school, Snowmass offers something for every member of the family. The resort also has a variety of family-friendly amenities, including on-mountain restaurants and apr├Ęs-ski activities.

Activities for kids and non-skiers in Aspen

Aside from skiing, Aspen offers a plethora of activities for kids and non-skiers. One must-visit attraction is the Aspen Snowmass Rodeo, where families can enjoy thrilling rodeo events, live music, and delicious food. The Aspen Recreation Center is another great option, featuring an indoor pool, ice skating rink, and climbing wall.

For a truly unique experience, families can take a ride on the Silver Queen Gondola to the top of Aspen Mountain. The gondola offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and is a great way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area.

With its family-friendly ski resorts and a wide range of activities for all ages, Aspen, Colorado is the ideal destination for a memorable winter vacation with your loved ones. So pack your bags and get ready to hit the slopes in this winter wonderland!


Park City, Utah

Located in the heart of the stunning Rocky Mountains, Park City, Utah is the ultimate destination for families looking for an unforgettable skiing experience. With its world-class ski resorts and a variety of family-friendly activities, Park City offers something for everyone, from beginners to expert skiers.

Family-friendly ski resorts in Park City

Park City is home to some of the best ski resorts in the United States, renowned for their excellent accommodations, top-notch ski schools, and exciting range of slopes suitable for skiers of all ages and abilities. Here are a few family-friendly resorts to consider:

  1. Deer Valley Resort: Known for its impeccable service and well-groomed slopes, Deer Valley Resort offers a fantastic variety of family-friendly amenities, including childcare services, ski school programs for kids, and family-friendly dining options.

  2. Park City Mountain Resort: With over 7,300 acres of skiable terrain and a variety of beginner and intermediate slopes, Park City Mountain Resort is perfect for families looking to enjoy a fun-filled day on the slopes together. The resort also offers an extensive range of activities off the slopes, such as snow tubing and zip-lining.

Kid-friendly attractions and activities in Park City

Aside from skiing, Park City offers a wealth of attractions and activities that will keep the whole family entertained. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Utah Olympic Park: Take a tour of the famous venue that hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and watch athletes training on the ski jumps. There are also interactive exhibits and thrilling zipline rides for an unforgettable experience.

  2. Park City Alpine Slide: Experience the thrill of zooming down a winding track on an alpine slide, suitable for all ages. Kids and adults alike will love the adrenaline rush and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

  3. Historic Main Street: Take a stroll down Park City's historic Main Street, lined with charming shops, galleries, and restaurants. The whole family will enjoy exploring the unique boutiques and trying delicious local cuisine.

Whether you're hitting the slopes or exploring the town, Park City, Utah offers endless opportunities for family fun and adventure.


Whistler, British Columbia

Family-friendly ski resorts in Whistler

Whistler, located in beautiful British Columbia, is renowned for its world-class ski resorts that cater to families. With plenty of beginner and intermediate slopes, as well as advanced trails for more experienced skiers, Whistler offers the perfect balance for everyone in the family. Here are some family-friendly ski resorts to consider:

  1. Whistler Blackcomb: As one of the largest ski resorts in North America, Whistler Blackcomb offers a wide range of slopes suitable for all skill levels. The resort also provides excellent childcare services and ski lessons for children, making it a top choice for families.

  2. Big White Ski Resort: Just a short drive from Whistler, Big White Ski Resort offers a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere. With a dedicated kids' ski school and a range of accommodations suitable for families, this resort ensures an unforgettable skiing experience for everyone.

Family-friendly activities and entertainment in Whistler

In addition to the fantastic skiing opportunities, Whistler also offers a multitude of family-friendly activities and entertainment options. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Tube Park: The Coca-Cola Tube Park at Whistler Blackcomb is perfect for an afternoon of tubing fun. Glide down the slopes on inflatable tubes, and enjoy the thrill together as a family.

  2. Outdoor Ice Skating: Lace up your skates and head to the outdoor ice rink at Whistler Olympic Plaza. This picturesque setting allows families to skate while surrounded by stunning mountain views.

  3. Snowshoeing: Explore the scenic trails of Whistler on a snowshoeing adventure. Rent snowshoes and embark on a guided tour to discover the breathtaking winter landscapes.

With its family-friendly ski resorts and a wealth of activities for all ages, Whistler, British Columbia, is an ideal destination for a memorable winter getaway with your loved ones.


Stowe, Vermont

Located in the picturesque state of Vermont, Stowe offers some of the best skiing destinations for families. With its charming small town atmosphere and scenic beauty, it is the perfect place for a winter getaway with your loved ones.

Family-friendly ski resorts in Stowe

Stowe is home to several family-friendly ski resorts that cater to all skill levels, making it a great destination for both beginners and experienced skiers. Some of the top ski resorts in Stowe include:

  1. Stowe Mountain Resort: This world-class ski resort offers a variety of family-friendly slopes, ski lessons for kids, and a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable skiing experience for the whole family.

  2. Smugglers' Notch Resort: Known for its excellent ski programs for children, Smugglers' Notch Resort offers a range of activities for kids of all ages, including ski lessons, snow tubing, and an indoor water park.

  3. Bolton Valley: With its laid-back atmosphere and family-friendly slopes, Bolton Valley is a great choice for families looking for a more relaxed skiing experience. The resort also offers affordable lodging options, making it a budget-friendly choice.

Fun off-slope activities for families in Stowe

In addition to skiing, Stowe offers a wide range of off-slope activities that the whole family can enjoy. Some of the popular attractions include:

  1. Stowe Recreation Path: This scenic 5.3-mile trail is perfect for a family bike ride or a leisurely stroll, offering beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

  2. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory: Take a tour of the famed Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory and indulge in some delicious ice cream treats. It's a fun and sweet experience for all ages.

  3. Vermont Ski Museum: Learn about the rich history of skiing in Vermont at the Vermont Ski Museum. The exhibits showcase the evolution of the sport and its significance in the region.

With its stunning slopes, family-friendly resorts, and a variety of off-slope activities, Stowe, Vermont is an ideal destination for a memorable and enjoyable ski vacation with your family.


Hakuba, Japan

Located in the beautiful Nagano Prefecture, Hakuba is a top-notch destination for family-friendly skiing adventures. With its stunning snow-capped mountains, well-groomed slopes, and welcoming atmosphere, it's no wonder families flock to this winter wonderland year after year.

Family-friendly ski resorts in Hakuba

Hakuba boasts a plethora of excellent ski resorts that cater to families. One of the most popular choices is Happo-One, which offers a wide range of slopes suitable for all skill levels. They also provide ski schools and childcare services, ensuring that even the littlest ones can enjoy the magic of skiing.

Another fantastic option is Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba 47, where families can enjoy a variety of ski runs and plenty of snow activities. These resorts offer dedicated family zones, complete with gentle slopes and fun snow parks, perfect for older children and beginners.

Cultural experiences and attractions for families in Hakuba

Hakuba isn't just about skiing; it also offers a wealth of cultural experiences and attractions for families to enjoy. Take a break from the slopes and visit the Hakuba Olympic Museum, where you can learn about the area's history and its connection to the 1998 Winter Olympics.

For a truly unique cultural experience, families can visit the famous Snow Monkey Park. Here, you can witness Japanese macaques soaking in hot springs, a sight that will surely delight both children and adults alike.

Additionally, Hakuba offers a range of family-friendly dining options, traditional Japanese hot springs (onsen), and even winter festivals that showcase the region's vibrant traditions and warm hospitality.

With its outstanding ski resorts and cultural activities, Hakuba, Japan, is the perfect destination for families seeking an unforgettable skiing vacation. So pack your bags, hit the slopes, and create memories that will last



Planning a family skiing trip can be an exciting adventure that creates lasting memories for everyone. By considering the factors that matter most to your family and doing some research, you can choose the best skiing destination that meets your needs and preferences. Remember to prioritize safety, convenience, and family-friendly amenities when making your decision.

How to choose the best skiing destination for your family

  1. Assess your family's skiing experience and skill level: Consider the abilities of both adults and children in your family. Choose a destination that offers a range of slopes suitable for beginners and more experienced skiers.

  2. Consider family-friendly resorts: Look for resorts that cater to families and offer amenities such as ski schools, childcare services, and kid-friendly activities.

  3. Check the accessibility: Look for destinations that are easily accessible by air or car, depending on your preferences and location. Consider the proximity of the ski resort to accommodation options and other attractions.

  4. Research the ski resort's facilities: Look for resorts that have a good reputation for safety, well-maintained slopes, and modern facilities. Check if they offer ski rentals, ski lessons, and family-friendly dining options.

Additional tips for a successful family skiing trip

  1. Plan ahead: Make sure to book accommodation, ski lessons, and equipment rentals in advance to ensure availability.

  2. Bundle up: Dress your family in appropriate ski attire and ensure everyone has the necessary gear, including helmets, goggles, and warm clothing.

  3. Take breaks: Skiing can be tiring, especially for children. Take regular breaks to rest, hydrate, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  4. Be patient and encouraging: Skiing can be challenging, especially for beginners. Encourage and support each other throughout the trip.

Remember, the goal is to have fun and create wonderful memories with your family. Choose the right destination, plan ahead, and make safety a priority, and you'll be well on your way to a successful family skiing trip.